Give your plants a fresh spring start

Time to give your green friends some attention

You may already have given your home a big clean to welcome the arrival of spring. Maybe you bought yourself a nice scrub to treat yourself, and varnished your toenails with an eye to soft rays of sunlight and peep toes. And then? Your plants enjoyed a spring transformation too. Didn’t they?

Give your plants a fresh spring start Marij Hessel

OK, scrubbing a plant is not a good idea - let's be clear about that. But spring is the perfect moment to give your green friends some extra attention. And you can do that in various ways.

Clean the leaves

Now the spring sunshine is filling your home with joy, it’s also mercilessly exposing the fact that your house is deep in dust! The leaves of your fave plants in particular appear to be buried under dusty or even greasy layer. Treat your plants by cleaning the leaves with a plant spray with tepid water and a clean cloth. Nerd alert: if you want to make an extra effort, use a brush for narrow leaves.

Give your plants a trim

You probably noticed them when you were cleaning: brown leaves! Remove the dead leaves or wilted flowers from your plant. Do it carefully to so that you don’t damage the plant. This is also the time to release your inner hairdresser and cut off the dead brown tips. It keeps your plant healthy and looking great!

Nice fresh soil

March is also the perfect time to repot your plants so they can enjoy a growth spurt in fresh soil. Carefully remove the plant from the pot and remove as much soil from the roots as possible. Fill the pot with fresh soil and carefully place the plant in it. Press down firmly, give it a splash of water and the job’s done. If the roots have grown very large, give your plant a larger pot in which it can stretch its roots happily over the coming period. It also gives you a perfect excuse to go shopping for new plant pots. That’s what we call a win-win situation.

Show it off

When you’ve done all that work, share your green spring joy on Instagram with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.