Gift Guide: Living plant jewellery

These wearable succulents are surprisingly stylish

Your friend loves statement jewellery. She also loves plants. Now you can combine her twin loves in one unique, ultra-cool and unforgettable Christmas gift – living plant jewellery!

Living plant jewelleryCopyright: PassionflowerMade

The gift that keeps on giving

Succulents might seem like a tricky accessory to pull off with style but thanks to the beautifully simple designs and clever craftsmanship, this living jewellery is surprisingly accessible and elegant.

The tiny plants will continue to grow for three of four weeks at which point their accessory days will be over. But don’t worry – because at that point they can be transferred to a pot and enjoyed for many more years to come.

Passionflower living jewellery

This beautiful concept is the brainchild of designer Susan McLeary, founder of Passionflower, a boutique floral design studio in Michigan, USA. Each piece is made by hand, paying careful attention to composition and colour, and is made with locally sourced plants from a family owned greenhouse.

Although, the range is intended for special occasion wear, if treated gently, McLeary says the jewellery can be enjoyed for a few weeks before moving on to its new life as a houseplant.

The perfect statement accessory to give a simple dress the wow-factor, choose from a necklace, bracelet, cuff, earrings, ring, headband or flower crown. It all depends just how ‘statement’ you think your friend would be willing to go!

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