Gift Guide: Enamel lapel pins for plant lovers

The perfect gift for the fashion-savvy gardener

No longer the preserve of school prefects and railway workers, the enamel lapel pin has escaped the shackles of practicality and landed firmly on the fashion map.

Artists are clamouring to design them, fashion designers are accessorising with them on the catwalks, and the internet is going crazy for them. It’s official: the enamel lapel pin is having its moment! And what’s more they make perfect personalised Christmas gifts. 

Plant Pins Copyright: finestimaginary


Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these beautifully detailed tiny terrarium pins in the office Secret Santa? Air plants, succulents, pebbles and potting soil contained in a diamond-shaped terrarium are all intricately rendered in enamel and silver. One word: adorable!

More than just a fashion statement, lapel pins are a form of self-expression. Whatever the passion or penchant of your recipient, there’s a pin out there to suit them.

That’s why we can’t get enough of these totally covetable plant pins – the ultimate stocking filler for fashion savvy foliage fans. And don’t be fooled by the name ‘lapel pin’ – they look as good on dresses, coats, hats and bags as they do on jackets and blazers.

Bring a taste of the tropics to someone’s denim jacket with this rose gold and green Monstera Deliciosa (a.k.a. Swiss Cheese plant) pin. Opt for a single leaf or buy them a few to cluster together for a jungle vibe.

Cacti have been enjoying their moment in the sartorial spotlight for some time now. And now our favourite prickly plants are available in pin format. An ideal gift for foliage-loving fashionistas.

For a touch of subtle colour, opt for this pretty Echeveria succulent pin with its dusky-pastel foliage. Why not throw in a real succulent while you’re at it? Stylish and low-maintenance they make ideal Christmas gifts.

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