Forgiving Houseplants

Low-maintenance plants for your home

Houseplants breathe life into your home, as well as cleaning the air. But there’s nothing life-affirming about coming home to a drooping plant with brown, shrivelled leaves.

Whether you have a busy work schedule, you travel a lot, or if you’re simply forgetful, choosing a plant that doesn’t require frequent watering means a happier and longer life for your leafy friend. Plus, saving on water means you’ll be helping the environment, too!

Mother-in-law’s tongue

Attractive and undemanding are hardly the adjectives you’d expect to be associated with a plant called a mother-in-law’s tongue. But this tall, elegant houseplant can go for days without watering. A great plant for novice gardeners, it also requires little sunlight and can tolerate temperature fluctuations. What’s more, it’s renowned for its air-cleaning properties, so a great addition to a living space or office.


Peace Lily

The Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum, comes from Colombia and Venezuela which loves a warm, humid environment. It is really popular because of its amazing air purifying qualities. The Peace Lily is easy to look after:  being a hardy, forgiving plant which will tell you when it's thirsty - just look for the tell-tale droop. 


Ficus Ginseng

Gown in China and Malaysia, Ginseng is Chinese for ‘root’. This is one of the most popular indoor bonsai plants. It is easy to look after as it is one of the hardiest species and is recommended for beginner enthusiasts. The Ficus Ginseng is forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time and adds whimsy to your home. 



Not restricted to climbing your exterior walls, ivy makes a pretty houseplant, too, with its distinctively shaped, cascading leaves. Preferring to be on the dry side, allow the top layer of soil to become dry to the touch before watering.