Five manly plants

Beautiful, useful and perfect for your man cave

Which plants are crucial for today’s man? The plant guide contains the detailed descriptions, but we’ve briefly listed them here for you as well. You have the Myrtillocactus for a wild night, and the Coffea arabica and Agave to help you get through the next day. For when you've skipped doing the cleaning for a while, there's the Sarracenia and Ficus 'Anouk'. In short, they’re all must-haves.

The benefit for our female readers is that the question “What on earth should you give a man?” is a thing of the past. 

Ficus 'Anouk'

A Vietnamese air freshener that steps in when you’ve let everything get too musty. At 4 metres tall it can freshen quite a lot of air! From now on you can sit on the PlayStation all day to your heart’s content with the curtains closed with a mountain of washing-up next you. 

Vitamin Plant For Men Ficus 'Anouk'

Coffea arabica

This Ethiopian coffee plant retains its beautiful, shiny dark green leaves throughout the year, and can reach a height of 12 metres. As the source of every shot of invigorating espresso, it's a real hit in a pot.

Vitamin Plant For Men Coffea arabica



Size matters for this little Mexican chap. When he starts to bloom an enormous flower shoots up into the air. The downside is that that single flowering costs him his life, but then you'll just have to find yourself a new companion - by which we mean ‘plant’, obviously!

Vitamin Plant For Men Agave



If you create the perfect conditions for this roommate, he will rapidly grow to a substantial size, clearing 5 metres! Talk to him, give him a name and he’ll soon be happy. He might be a bit prickly, but you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. Man hugs? Probably not.

Vitamin Plant For Men Myrtillocactus


With its wildly visibly attractive and scented droplets of nectar this, suggestive plant captures all the insects that land in its funnel. You can put away your fly swatter when you live with this carnivore!

Vitamin Plant For Men Sarracenia