The finest flower and plant pots with a tribal vibe

Home Decor & Africa

The continent of Africa offers enormous amounts of inspiration for styling your home. If you look out for them, you can find a host of prints and materials in the shops that make you think of Africa. A fun and easy way of incorporating this continent into your home is in conjunction with flowers and plants. 

The Hay tree trunk vase is a cheerful vase in various colours shaped like a tree trunk. With a little imagination, you can also see a zebra print on it. Which exotic beauty should grace this vase? 

You could plant an attractive cactus in them, or just use them to take out of the laundry. Whatever way you use these Kenyan wicker baskets, they will instantly brighten your home. 

Wicker bowls make an attractive artwork on the wall, but you can also use them for holding small plants in pots. Will you opt for extravagant colours, or earthenware shades?

Got no fresh flowers in the house? With the must-have tilden leaf from Selamat Designs no vase ever needs to go back in the cupboard. 

Your love for flowers and plants is not all roses. Pardon? What we mean is that a love of greenery in your home can result in a sizeable collection of trowels, secateurs, reference books and watering cans. Want to hide them away? Then why not sit on them?

And if you simply can’t get enough and want to go the extra step, beautiful African wallpaper on the wall lends the perfect tribal vibe finishing touch!