Find your perfect plant-ner


October officially marks the start of cuffing season, when many of us are looking to hunker down with a perfectly matched mate. Answer just five simple questions below to find your match!

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When it comes to relationships, what’s your go-to type?

An intrepid traveller with a thirst for adventure
A grounded animal lover who loves being immersed in nature
High energy and fun with a passion for keeping fit
Intellectual and introspective – open to a deep conversation
A sensitive type who enjoys cuddles and napping together
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If you were looking for a life partner, which of the following would best reflect your requirements?

Adores animals as much as you and will share dog walking responsibilities
The healing type. Has a regular meditation practice and loves to eat well
Enjoys regular contact and affection, TLC is a must as well as occasional grand gestures
An innovator. Trying new things is on the top of their list, and anything goes!
Robust, hardy and very independent
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How much time and attention do you want to dedicate to the relationship?

Exchanging energy and sharing feelings is important, but attachment is unhealthy
You like to keep things interesting and not have a set routine, and you both love surprises
Ideally you see or talk to them almost every day! Lavish attention is a must from both sides
Weekly maintenance and attention, a regular routine you can depend on
Every fortnight and perfectly okay to be left alone for long periods
Running shoe
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What sort of character and style do you look for in a partner?

It’s all about touch and texture and their go-to colours tend to be soft pastels
Sophisticated, they know what suits them and prefer high vibration fabrics like linen
A strong and distinct look, sometimes a bit ‘out there’ with a fashionable signature piece
A bit of a showoff with a dramatic sense of style, they always make an entrance
Colourful, on trend and well prepared for any climate; rain or shine
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Which of the following statements would best describe your ideal dating environment?

Minimal, spacious and practical with enough room to workout
A decadent pad boasting striking features and admired by friends
Lots of light and comfort with perfect spots for playing and napping
Fully minimalist and zen
Eclectic, warm and cosy packed full of unusual items from around the world

Your perfect plantner is

Fitness fanatic


High energy, fun, and is strong and independent.  Loves to keep fit, eat healthy, makes time for self-care, but also likes their personal space.

Cacti and Succulents: They have a strong character, some look a bit comical, and some look like they’ve spent hours in the gym bulking up. Some enjoy their own space and are spikey if you get too close. 

Bring strength of character into your home, here are some fitting plantners for the fitness fanatic: 

Your perfect plantner is

The animal lover


Nature-lover.  Enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and walks with their dog, or cuddles with their cat.

Pet-friendly plants that create a safe-haven for your furry friends.  A playful selection of plants to play hide-and-seek behind, leafy fronts that can serve as a tasty nibble, or robust trunks that doubles up as a scratchpad.  These plants will offer a welcoming backdrop of nature for both humans and pets.

Animal lovers have plenty of new pals to choose from, here are some of our favourites:

Your perfect plantner is

The adventurer


Enjoys traveling to exotic places, exploring, and loves new experiences. Trying new things is on the top of his/her list.

Tropical plants, usually rare and with striking statement leaves and flowers.  Plants usually found by adventurous types seeking out a unique personality, and learning everything there is to know about their unusual features.

Plant hunters will be charmed by some of these extravagant personalities: 

Your perfect plantner is

The romantic


Loves big gestures but is also the sensitive type and enjoys spending lots of time together. Giving/receiving TLC and pampering each other is top of their priority list.

Plants that need a little more love and affection and thrive on big romantic suggestions, blossom beautifully for you in return. From big voluptuous flowers to statement heart-shaped leaves, there’s always something to admire under your loving gaze.

It will be hard to just choose one, harmonize your space with a selection of the most striking:

Your perfect plantner is

The intellectual


This person is a know-it-all.  Sometimes a little annoying, but they mean well.  They will know all the Latin names of plants, trivia, and know which plants will cure your sunburn or even which will purify the air!  Enjoys reading, yoga and mindful practices. 

Plants that not only look good, but also calm the mind.  Plants steeped in history -magical powers and medicinal properties used by the Mayan peoples, to plants living in space to stimulate the dreams of sci-fi writers.  Aloe vera is still a natural remedy for sun burn, and NASA sent the devil’s ivy to space!  There’s so much to learn about plants and what an important role they play in our lives still today.  

Some of the most sophisticated intellectuals worth inviting into your home and getting to know are: