Exposé #18: Petalon

We’re proud to present Exposé, a series of portraits in which we introduce you to remarkable trend-setters who are involved with flowers and/or plants. In issue #18 we put the spotlight on the London company Petalon, a florist that delivers its bouquets by bicycle.

What's in a name? Petalon combines the words ‘petal’, ‘peloton’ (cycling) and 'lon', referring to London. The perfect name for Florence and James’s business, which delivers its bouquets on a bike. What started as a one-woman business has rapidly grown into a charming family business that also offers bridal work and workshops. 

Bouquets, bicycles and a love of flowers

Our interview with the couple provides an inspirational peep behind the scenes at Petalon and tells you about the idea behind the business, how Florence and James combine bouquets and bicycles and balance work and private life, and how important it is to follow your heart, including in business. And naturally it's about flowers - the all-consuming love of flowers. Want to find out more?