Exposé #12: Pyrus

We’re proud to present Exposé, a series of portraits in which we introduce you to remarkable trend-setters who are involved with flowers and/or plants. This time in Exposé #12: florists Natalya Ayers and Fiona Inglis from Pyrus. 

A brief introduction: Natalya and Fiona are conquering the world of flowers in a distinctive and unique way. Before they caught the flower bug, they both studied fine and applied arts. A placement with a florist brought them together, where they discovered that they were completely in sync in terms of creative ideas and ambitions.

In 2001 they decided to join forces and set up the Pyrus flower studio together. They bought an old Victorian garden and remade it entirely on their own image. Every flower and plant that they use is carefully selected on the basis of movement, texture and fragrance, and they all complement one another. As far as they’re concerned, imperfect flowers “don’t exist”. Meet them in the video below.

For more behind the scenes of Pyrus, click here, and discover their edgy wedding creations that will definitely make you say “YES” to Natalya and Fiona.