DIY: Plant pots with your grandparents

Homemade gifts for Grandparent's Day

On Sunday October 1, it's Grandparent's Day. An excellent moment to spend time with hobbies at their house. Give them a big kiss, put on a pot of hot tea. Get ready to relax and chat while enjoying making this super cute DIY which is also fun for children to enjoy! 

DIY: Plant pots with your grandparents

From pottery to masterpiece

In the past, you saw terracotta pots outside. At this time of year they are out of mind, so why not pick them up and bring them indoors for a little TLC by adding some fresh colour with our funky DIY. When it comes to design, anything goes. Dots, stripes or fashionable check? Go with your instincts. For extra fun, why not sign your masterpiece. A personalized plant pot makes the ultimate Grandparent's Day gift!

Finishing touch 

For a real Grandparent's Day treat - a lunch at a garden centre or nursery would be our favourite way to celebrate. And the bonus being, you can pick up a plant to go with your DIY painted pot! Pick one of these hardy indoor plants which are guaranteed to go the distance.