DIY: fabulously floral Christmas tree

A beautiful, vintage Christmas
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The ritual of decorating the Christmas tree is just as exciting every year. The memories triggered by old Christmas ornaments, unusual new acquisitions and a string of lights during the dark days of winter lend a magical feeling to this tradition. And the perfect finishing touch to this romantic celebration of the festive season is provided by Christmas decorations straight from nature. Velvet purple leaves, dark red scented flowers and botanical textures. Place the angel on top, turn the lights on and enjoy…

You will need

  • Flowers and plants, we opted for orchids, roses and the velvet plant Gynura

  • Glass flower test-tubes/pipettes 

  • Dark sisal string

How to make it

Cut the plant to size so that it fits in the test-tube, but is still long enough to be watered. Knot the string firmly around the rim of the test-tube, making sure you leave two loose ends approximately 5 cm long. Fill the test-tube with water and place the plant in its new vase. You can hang the test-tubes in the tree by tying them to a branch. 

A sea of flowers in the Christmas tree

Will you opt for one type of plant, one colour, a multicoloured mixture or an eye- pleasing gradient? As you can imagine, the more flowers and plants you hang on the tree, the more chic and extravagant it looks. A sea of flowers draped delicately in your Christmas tree which smells lightly of all sorts of wonderful memories. You can enjoy it with your eyes both open and closed.