DIY: a fabulous plant corsage in a trice

Simple, elegant and refined!

Corsages are traditionally worn by both men and women at formal events such as functions and weddings. You can order lovely corsages from a florist, but you can also make them yourself!

Corsage snowberries

What you need:

  • A plant (or flower) of your choice. In the example we chose snowberries, but succulents also work very well. 

  • Florist's tape, lace or sisal string 

  • A corsage magnet

Get to work

Choose an attractive part of the plant that you want to use for the corsage. Take account of the length and weight of the corsage. You don't want it to be in the way or to overshadow your lovely clothes. Wrap the trunk or stem in sisal string or tape. Place the first side of the corsage magnet below the final winding. The other side of the magnet goes behind your clothing so that your beautiful dress remains undamaged. 

Tip: men wear corsages with the flower upwards and the stem downwards. Women do it the other way round, with the flower downwards and the stem upwards. They both wear the corsage on the left-hand side of their chest.

Bring some colour to the week

With a beauty like this you no longer need a special occasion to wear a corsage. Wear it on a blue Monday to bring some colour to your week! 

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