DIY: Eggshell planters

A creative way to fertilise your plants

Did you know that water from hard-boiled eggs acts as a great natural fertiliser? Next time you're boiling eggs, remember to save the water! Or how about going one better and creating your very own eggshell planters with our simple DIY tip...

Create your own eggshell fertiser with

What you will need

  • Eggs
  • Egg carton
  • Soil
  • Seedlings

How to make you egg shell planters

  1. Hard boil the eggs and remove all of the inside of the egg from the shell
  2. Boil these shells once more to remove all traces of the egg
  3. Save this water that the shells have boiled in
  4. Dry the shells
  5. Carefully pierce the bottom of each eggshell to allow for drainage
  6. Place all the eggshells in the carton and partly fill with soil
  7. Plant a few of your chosen seeds in each shell and cover with more soil
  8. Use the water from earlier to water your seedlings as well as any of your other plants as this water acts as a great natural fertiser

Top Tip

Once the seedlings have out-grown the shells, plant the entire shell in a larger pot and your seedlings will continue to flourish!

For more information, head to this great post on Personal Creations to see more photos of how to do this DIY.