DIY: Chalkboard pots

Customise your pot so you can write on it!

Add another layer to your plant pots by creating a chalkboard surface that's perfect for writing on. Whether you are growing a herb garden in your kitchen, or want to remind yourself of seedlings you've planted, these creative pots will look great in your home. Follow these easy steps to make your own.
Use a coloured pot to add contrast with the chalkboard paint

What to plant

The pots look great with any herb plant and are beautiful with succulents and more colourful plants too!

Over on Etsy, Esob Designs have another creative planter design where they've painted an intricate floral pattern on the lime pot, before adding the chalkboard paint. It's a more detailed design, but the deep purples of the African Violets are still the focus of the display.


To make these artistic pots, you will need:

  • A colourful plant pot
  • A stencil
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Masking tape
  • Chalk

How to make your chalkboard planter

Now you've got the equipment, here's what to do to make your perfect pot!

  1. Create a stencil by cutting a shape in a piece of paper
  2. Stick the stencil around the pot using masking tape
  3. Paint over the hole in the stencil using chalkboard paint
  4. Leave to dry for an hour, then paint another coat
  5. Once dry, peel off the stencil
  6. Condition the paint by gently rubbing chalk all over it and leaving for a few hours
  7. Wash off chalk
  8. Use chalk to write or draw whatever you want on your new chalkboard pot!
DIY: Chalkboard plant pot