Cyclamen cheer at west elm

Add vibrant colour this winter

When the sudden onset of the darker evenings start to take hold, it can often drag us under along with it. But the sunny Cyclamen, November's Houseplant of the Month, shows us how to fight off the winter blues with the power of it's bright charm at west elm.

Something to make you smile

It's essential to keep this time of year as cheerful as possible, and this can easily be done with Cyclamen, a flowering plant often taken for granted at this time of year. By changing the traditional way they are frequently displayed, this pretty little plant can be transformed by using unusual, playful and colourful planters instead, adding a light-hearted punch to any interior.


Unicorn colours 

Ian Drummond, Plantman About Town, waved a magical unicorn wand at west elm, using Cyclamen. The crisp bright space of west elm's Tottenham Court Road store offers the perfect, contrasting backdrop for the wide range of colourful flowers offered by this house plant. From bold, grape sorbets, to dreamy ice cream pastels, a feast for anyone with a taste for imagination.

Energising Cyclamen 

There is evidence that colour therapy, dating back thousands of years to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India, affects us on many levels. Cyclamen's wide choice of warm tones can help energise your mood and lift your spirits, offering an instant boost. This little plant just keeps on giving!  

Shopping edit

We could simply not resist making use of all the fun planters usually reserved for west elm's Gen Z shoppers. For fun planters to gift, look no further than the fun animal-shaped planters for our top pics.  Be bold with this teal-coloured Llama planter, and we suggest using bright pink or purple Cyclamen to make it pop. If you prefer a minimalist approach, how about the all-white ceramic Llama? For the super-minamilist we recommend white flowering plants. By they way, we also think gold vessels work well for this plant if you wish to add a luxe twist, so don't be afraid to experiment -just add the plant.

We think that that's your Secret Santa sorted. You're welcome!

If you have a quirky way to display Cyclamen that you wish to share with us, tag us on Instagram.