Curio ‘Mount Everest’

A feature plant with high-flying roots

Looking for a manageable, easy to care for plant with allure? Curio ‘Mount Everest’ is perfect for you. This sun worshipper has a luxurious look and require little care. The plant also prompts a fun quiz question. The plant’s name refers to the world’s highest mountain, but does the plant also come from that region?

Colours and shapes

Curio ‘Mount Everest’ is a true foliage plant. It’s compact, reaching a maximum height of 40 to 50 centimetres. The plant’s diameter is usually not more than 15 centimetres. So it’s a manageable specimen. The fleshy leaves grow around the stems at a steady pace, so it requires a bit of patience. But don’t worry, your wait will be rewarded with a beautiful waxy, smooth branches with a bluey-grey coating. 


No symbolism is known for this plant. but who needs symbolism when you’re named after the best-known mountain in the world? The plant is a popular topic of conversation amongst plant lovers. And if you have a friend who climbs mountains, it’s a handy gift idea. Which makes a change from yet another carabiner.


The name Curio ‘Mount Everest’ is a bit misleading. This foliage plant does not have its roots in Asia, but in Africa. The plant is a cross between two species of Curio which are native to mountain tops in South Africa’s Cape Province. It’s a dry, subtropical region, hence the love of the sun. Also fun to know: Curios are members of the large group of Senecio (ragwort) plants, of which there are over 1300 species in all sorts of forms.