Crystal botany: summer's newest wellness trend

Enhance the unique powers of your houseplants. Pair them with energy crystals

In this time of uncertainty more people are turning to houseplants to bring much-needed calm into their home, according to our new research. This summer, tarot cards and magic spells have given way to the latest wellness trend – crystal botany. Crystal botany is the practice of enhancing the powers of particular houseplants by positioning them close to energy crystals in a ceremonial fashion, to boost the benefits of both.

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To help people improve their mental and emotional wellbeing through the power of houseplants, we have collaborated with renowned crystal expert and clairvoyant Emma Lucy Knowles to draw on her 15 years of wellbeing experience and create six special crystal botany pairings that you can try for yourself at home.



The air conditioner

Snake plant (Sansevieria) with Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz

The snake plant will work hard to cleanse the air you breath and the energy you digest, whilst the Smokey Quartz will hoover up any remaining ‘energy soot’. The Black Tourmaline, hand in hand with the snake plant, will ground your energy back down to mother earth. This pairing will work across every room of the house, but is especially useful in those spaces where you spend a lot of your time, or where you have felt tension residing.


The mood booster

Spider plant (Chlorophytum variegatum) with Pink Tourmaline

The spider plant weaves an energy web to renew and revive your goals and dreams, networking that energy across your entire home. Its crystal cheerleader, Pink Tourmaline, will move you mentally away from all that no longer serves you, Marie Kondo-style, as you ease into the fresh energy of your plant. Place multiple spider plants in the rooms you spend the most time in and they will act like an energy wifi hub, omitting their signal to each other. While you place them, really think about the energy you would like to bring into your space - positioning the pink tourmaline on top of the soil will lock that intention.


The mind alerter

Prickly pear (Opuntia Elatior) with Amazonite

Whatever your goal, you can rely on the prickly pear to sharpen your focus and concentration. The Amazonite is your side coach, championing you on from the corner of the ring and giving you the extra mental push to get there. The placement depends on your situation. Back at the office? Place your plant on the desk to elevate the energy there, and the crystal on your computer to deflect from distractions.



The peace inducer, stress reducer

Birds nest fern (Asplenium antiquum) with Selenite

This soothing and creative plant allows us to be more tolerant in even the most stressful environments. The birds nest fern needs balanced and careful care – not too much light or water. Tending to this plant will help remind you to treat yourself with the same love and care. Place it side by side with the Selenite in your most sacred space, whether that’s a mediation space, a space in the living room where you can light candles and zone out, or by the bath where you can really let yourself go. Just be careful not to get the Selenite wet, or it will dissolve.


The good health cheerleader

Heart leaf philodendron (Philodendron scandens) with Carnelian

The magic of this plant is all about personal power, inner strength, vitality, and growth. A fast growing, sturdy plant, it makes for a mirrored environment wherever you place it. Carnelian is a ‘Tigger stone’ - it heightens the epic spring or bounce in your step created by the Philodendron. Place it at the very heart of your home or office space, and together they’ll bring in enough good energy that you won’t need to keep tapping into it like a coffee hit – the Philodendron only requires watering once every 1-2 weeks. Let this plant pairing become your energy totem, inspiring you every time you look at it.


The sleep easy

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) with Lepidolite 

Try placing your Jasmine high over your mediation space or bed in a hanging basket, so that its magic fragrance can sprinkle down over you like a soothing sleep mist. This pairing will allow you to surrender mentally and energetically into a womb-like loving, nurturing state. The Lepidolite will support if you place it on the soil, by untangling thoughts and the heaviness of your day as you float deeper into the most loving, healing of sleeps.

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