The sunshine in your life

The Crossandra is a cheerful presence. With its orange flowers this stunner brings the sun indoors on even the rainiest of days. How about a summery feeling all year round? 


Colours and shapes

Crossandra can be recognised by its fabulous orange flowers and green shiny leaves. The plant doesn’t grow very tall: a maximum of 30 cm, which is a good size for a houseplant. 


There is no symbolism known for the Crossandra. But we can imagine that this cheerful character symbolises the sun. So give this plant to the person who’s the sunshine in your life, and they’re bound to beam.  


The Crossandra plants are members of the Acanthaceae family. There are some 50 known species of Crossandra, all with roots in subtropical regions such as India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Madagascar, where we often see them used at border plants. In Europe the plant does very well as a houseplant.