Caring for orchids

Five tips to keep your plant healthy

Orchids can be a beautiful addition to a room and you don't need to be green fingered to help them flourish. Simply follow our five top tips to ensure they stay healthy for as long as possible...

Caring for orchids on
  • Find the right environment

One of the main reasons orchids dont flourish is because they aren't naturally suited to the environment they've been placed in. Moth Orchids are a great choice for an indoor plant as they need less light than other varieties, but all orchids do need a good light source.

  • Consider the lighting

Although some varieties require less light than others as mentioned, many orchirds thrive when given sunlight. If you have a conservatory then this is usually the best place to keep your orchid to maximise its exposure to sunlight.

  • Look for flowering plants

It can take up to five years for an orchid to flower when grown from seed so to speed up the process it's a good idea to buy a plant which is already flowering. Blooming usually starts in late winter and early spring and last for one to three months.

  • Be wise about watering

There are three different varieties of orchids when it comes to temperature requirements. They range from the likes of Miltonia orchids, which should be stood in damp soil at all times, to Moth orchids where the soil should be almost dry in between waterings. The most important thing when it comes to watering is to take care not to wet the leaves.

  • Pick your pot carefully

Not all orchids should be potted in soil, so be sure to check the potting requirements for your plant variety. Some varieties grow best in bark or moss so it is very important to get this right. Once you have potted your plant, it is advisable to re-pot every two years or so in the spring to give your orchid the best potential to flourish again.