How playing music and talking to your houseplants reaps rewards
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We partnered with the renowned plant expert Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek, for our latest project which explores the many benefits of talking and playing music to your houseplants. We found that more than half of Brits admit chatting with inanimate objects in their home, and 60% think speaking with their pets is a two-way conversation.

Our research found that 44% of Brits talk to their houseplants regularly, and 40% of them tend to ask, ‘do you need a drink?’ Other comments people make to their plants include ‘you’re getting big’ and ‘you’re not looking your best’.

Houseplant whispering
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In a pandemic-stricken world where one in five adults talk to their houseplants once a week, and 8% chat with them daily, it’s clear that regularly watering, pruning, and re-positioning our plants makes us feel closer to them and encourages us to speak to them with respect and love.

Michael Perry, a renowned botanist, worked with us to create a unique playlist that people can play in the company of their plants, with songs that range from classical, to electronic and R&B:

“You don’t even have to talk directly to your plants – if you’re having conversations near them, or playing music, then they’re going to be enjoying those vibrations and it will benefit them. It’s a symbiotic relationship – those plants are making us feel good, they relieve stress and allow us to focus, improving our mood in a meditative way.”

Want to listen to our ‘Houseplant Whispering’ playlist yourself? You can check it out on Spotify here and let us know how chatting to your plants goes on our Instagram and Facebook pages.