The best plant books: part 2

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Plants are beautiful to look at on the page as well as in real life. Here is our list of the most special and interesting plant books of the moment – curl up on the couch and enjoy.

Root Nurture Grow

Plant design masters Ro Co teach you in this book how you can multiply your house plants, make cuttings, distribute plants by the roots and even how you can grow new root systems in the air. But that's not all: the book also contains DIYs to get the best out of your plants. For example, they tell you how to make your own cuttings funnel.

Boys with Plants

Scott Cain selected fifty interesting, smart, intriguing and handsome plant lovers from all over the world for his beautiful book. In addition to a portrait with their green oasis, the men share their best plant tips, making the pages educational and entertaining. The book is intended as a field guide and source of inspiration and ensures that more people give plants a place in their home, something we thoroughly agree with.

Basilius Besler's Florilegium: The Book of Plants

We admit that a first edition publication date of 1613 does not make this the most recent plant book. Yet this book, considered one of the most beautiful treasures of botanical literature, deserves a place in your library. The Book of Plants contains beautiful copper engravings from 90 plant families and no less than 340 genera. Need we say more?

Wild at home

If there is one person who adores living in an urban jungle, it's Hilton Carter. Hilton's house is filled with more than 200 plants - and counting. Hilton brings his plant love to others with this book, to tremendous effect.

Plant Tribe

The authors of Urban Jungle come with a new book: Plant Tribe. The book revolves around the positive power of plants. In addition, Plant Tribe brings you a new dose of plant knowledge and advice to complement our tips on creating plant design at home

Vintage Botanical Illustration

Whether you like to look at beautiful pictures or work with pencil or paint, this book is for you. Vintage Botanical Illustration contains hundreds of copyright-free botanical illustrations that you can use as inspiration for your own project or simply browse to your heart's content.



Alice Vincent is the perfect example of an urban gardener: her tiny South London apartment and balcony is absolutely full of plants. That was not always the case, however. In her book Rootbound, Alice tells how growing plants helped her to find balance in her life after a break-up.

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