5 Tips for pimping your home with Begonias

These 5 styling tips that will give your room a stunning Begonia boost in no time. 

Tip 1: Foliage and flowers - it takes two to tango 

A foliage Begonia is nice and rugged, and look how gorgeous that flowering Begonia is. Combine the two to bring out the best in the plants. Take a look:

Begonia: blad & bloeiend, it takes two to tango

Tip 2: Golden rule - keep it simple 

Do you prefer to be surrounded by calm and do you also love white? Then let the Begonias provide the colour, and keep the rest simple. For example, choose crackle-glazed or white ceramic pots. That will show off the colour of the plant even better.

Laat de Begonia’s de sprankeling brengen en houd de basis simpel

Tip 3: Rugged or sleek? Anything suits the Begonia

Some people can 'just throw anything on' and always look good. Do you know the type? The Begonia is really the plant equivalent of these lucky folk. So whether you opt for sleek copper or a weathered earthenware pot, your Begonia will glow.

Tip 4: Create an industrial plant pot yourself 

Your Begonia as a 'biker chick'? You can do it with our DIY Begonia tip and see how you can transform a dull plant pot with the aid of a bicycle tyre. And it’s so quirky:

Maak zelf een industriële plantenpot voor de begonia

Tip 5: Admit colour and seek out contrast 

Is colour your friend? You can achieve an exciting effect by placing your Begonia collection against a coloured wall. The contrast of the fresh flowers against a textured wall creates a still-life that gives you a moment of tranquillity.

Beken kleur en zoek contrast met de begonia

More great ideas on Pinterest 

We've created an entire Begonia board on the Thejoyofplants-Pinterest with lots of delights. Do you have your own gorgeous board bursting with Begonias? Then post the link below at Comments - we'd love to see it!