Beautiful botanical illustrations

Decorate your walls with artwork from Inky Leaves

Everybody loves having a variety of plants in their home or office, but Jessica Shepherd manages to capture the essence of a species in a different way with her Inky Leaves artwork. She creates intricate illustrations of plants and shows them at exhibitions around the country.

InkyLeaves painting on Jessica Shepherd
Jessica works on a painting

Plants as inspiration

Jessica explores the beauty found in plants through the medium of paint. She works with a mix of watercolours, inks and collage to show the intricate patterns of each leaf, stem or flower.

Coffee plant project

The piece Green Giant (coffea arabica) takes inspiration from the coffee industry and is shown in our gallery below. Jessica has grown a coffee plant from seed over the past ten years, taking it with her as she travelled around the country. The part-bonsai plant has smaller leaves than a wild specimen but its strength is displayed in the rich green colours used in the painting.

Feature plant artwork in your home

Hanging a print on a wall makes a great backdrop for a live plant. The colours of the painting can bring out the best in your plant so it's certainly an idea to combine your favourite houseplants with these intricate designs.

Where to find the designs

Inky Leaves is one of the exhibitors at this summer’s series of RHS Secret Garden Sundays so head to one of their events to learn more about Jessica's creative work. Prints can also be ordered online through Open House Art.


Green Giant (coffea arabica)
Green Giant (coffea arabica)