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Top tips for featuring Tillandsia

Tillandsia, more commonly known as air plants, are small plants that gather nutrients from the air and can survive without soil. They're very easy to keep in your home as they need little care to add a touch of greenery to any room. Here are a few simple ways to display air plants in your home...

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As shown in the above photo, one of the most popular ways to  display air plants is in a terrarium. These can come in all shapes and sizes but are usually formed from glass to allow you to see the plants from all angles.

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Hanging airplants

Another creative way to show off your air plants is to hang them in shells to resemble jellyfish. It's a quirky design, with the plants becoming the tentacles of the jellyfish, and it certainly will become a talking point in any room. If you want to make your own jellyfish air plants, this handy step-by-step DIY from Forever 21 will help you on your way.

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Wall mounted air plants

Without the messiness of soil, air plants are an ideal greenery to mount on wall hangings to form a living wall. Mount them on a cork board, or in a hollowed out tree trunk to create a stylish display. For more inspiration, check out this DIY from Design*Sponge.

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Endless possibilities

The plants are so versatile that really the only barrier for featuring them in your home is your imagination! Why not get inspired by Bocci's light installation and find an even more creative way to show off your air plants?