Agapanthus is Patio Plant for 2018

Give your patio some love
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t’s tall, elegant and stately and towers above everything else. And this plant also symbolises love! Obviously we are talking about Agapanthus, Patio Plant of the Year 2018.

Loving patio plant

The Agapanthus is also known by its stage name, African Lily. With its elegant stems, lively foliage and stately blue or white flowers the plant brings height, colour and beauty to your patio. And love, of course, because the name is derived from the Greek word ‘agape’ (love) and ‘anthos’ (flower). It's no surprise that this loving plant has been chosen as Patio Plant for 2018.

Choosing the Patio Plant of the Year

‘Patio Plant of the Year’ is an initiative from the Flower Council of Holland. Every year a media jury made up of editors of lifestyle, interiors and garden magazines, vloggers and bloggers examines five candidates to pick the patio plant which most appeals to the imagination.