8 classic autumn plants

An abundance of colour, style and feeling

Autumn is a versatile season when it comes to plants. The changing daylight hours and cooling temperatures brings new families of foliage rushing to claim their moment in the spotlight. Whether you’re looking for plants to brighten up the front door, you want to make an autumn wreath or you're looking to fill the garden with colour, there’s an enormous range of plants to choose from. Here's a selection of classic autumn plants that we're sure you'll enjoy this season.



Also known as Heuchera, this herbaceous plant delivers an instant feeling of endless summers. This specific variety Heuchera ‘Melting Fire’ adds much-needed warm tones into your garden. It'll make an excellent backdrop to a festive bonfire party.



This tremendously versatile plant is available in a wide range of colours and shapes. The picture shows Hebe ‘Tricolor’, an outdoor plant that acts as an anchor to more imaginative plant groupings.


Fountain grass

The airy sprigs of fountain grass are also known as foxtail grass or Pennisitum. It's a majestic addition to the garden that will deliver a fantastic look & feel throughout autumn and winter.



Astilbe's flowers may look like sweet candyfloss, but the leaves’ sharp edges warn you to treat this beautiful plant with respect. So stick to feasting with your eyes when Astilbe Japonica ‘Mainz’ is in the garden.


Uncinia rubra

Known as both Uncinia Rubra and everflame, in the summer this plant is transformed into a fiery sea of leaves. Beautiful deep russet colours announce the arrival of autumn.



What's your favourite colour? It’s very likely that there’s a chrysanthemum in that very shade. This plant is the perfect way to bring extra joy into your garden or home this autumn.


Shrubby veronica

Hebe Alexa is also known as shrubby veronica. This purple plant brightens up any grey corner, and even works a charm in a minimalist concrete style pot.


Chinese fringe flower

The Chinese fringe flower is beautiful all year round with its deep red-purple leaves. It's worth investing in one of these plants in autumn because a happy plant that's well bedded in will produce beautiful burgundy flowers in the depths of winter. You wouldn't want to miss that moment.

This is just a selection of plants to make the most of the autumn garden. If you’d like even more options take a look at aster, autumn anemone, Sedum, Gaultheria and Skimmia.

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