10 January is Houseplant Appreciation Day!

The ideal opportunity to pamper your favourite plants even more

Op 10 januari is het Houseplant Appreciation Day! It's our favourite celebration day of the year: Houseplant Appreciation Day! Because plants make everything more beautiful. Because they make the air in your home cleaner. And simply because you're mad about them, of course. 

Working on a big green family 

Saturday 10 January, Houseplant Appreciation Day, is the perfect opportunity to bring a beautiful new houseplant into your home and to give the ones that already live there a little bit of extra TLC. After all, they were probably a bit deprived when you were so occupied with your Christmas tree. They could probably do with a soak, a shower, some plant food or a good chat. Give them an airing. A bit of shine spray to give some extra gloss. Take cuttings in order to grow the family. Maybe even repot them in order to give them some extra room for personal growth? If you really want to spoil them, treat them to Classic FM: houseplants love Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert according to several studies.

I ♥ you! 

  • Treat yourself to a spectacle plant such as Medinilla or the carnivorous Venus fly-trap.

  • Thank your houseplants for purifying the air in your home so beautifully.

  • Allow your child to choose and care for their own houseplant.

  • Give a beautiful plant as a gift to a  friend or someone who does not get out very often. 

  • Give your collection of green lodgers a few new friends.