How to make your own cactus print pumps

Give your plain white trainers a Wild West makeover

The humble cactus is having a fashion moment. From artworks and T-shirts to baby clothes and bags – anything and everything is game when it comes to being branded with our favourite prickly plant. Just check out this etsy page if you don’t believe us!

But our favourite idea has to be these brilliantly simple DIY iron-on cactus shoes from Rachel at The Crafted Life blog. 

What you’ll need:

  • One pair of plain canvas lace-up shoes
  • Heat transfer material (in various colours)
  • A piece of thin card
  • Old scrap paper
  • Scissors


Choose your cactus shape and cut out of your transfer material. Peel the excess transfer material away and position on your shoe. Cover with fabric, and iron. 

For full instructions see the blog post on The Crafted Life.

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