These are the essential style trends for 2019

Green inspiration, floral touches

Trends are governed by the current zeitgeist. Say what? Put simply it means that that cashmere jumper, that cool ceramic pot and your new dining table are a direct consequence of what is happening in the world, like local and global politics, society and the environment. In collaboration with a trendwatcher we have formulated three style trends this year that will influence the way you look at plants in interiors, which pots you will be buying, and what roles your greenery will play. Read on to discover the three style trends for 2019 so that you’ll be bang on trend. 




This style trend is about sustainability and our tomorrows. Our concern leads to more restrained choices and new sense of responsibility. The sustainability of our immediate environment, as well as that of the entire planet is a recurring theme. Read more about the Harvesting Elements style trend. 





The future has arrived. This style trend is all about speed, smart tech and our senses. How can we remain in touch with ourselves in an ever smarter AI environment? We need to seek a healthy balance and find a new rhythm within a pace of life where so much is decided, invented and expected from us on our behalf. Want to find out more about New Frontiers?






This style trend is about a soft landing. For society, but primarily in your immediate surroundings. With so much chaos in the world outside, we want everything at home to be friendlier, softer, more beautiful. A place where you can be safe and comfortable, like being wrapped in a soft warm blanket. Immerse yourself in the Soft Landing style trend. 




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