Plants perk you up

Surround yourself with everything beautiful and lovely that makes you feel at home. At this time of year, when the rain is battering against the windows and draughts sneak under the doors, it’s important to safeguard that sense of homeliness. Photos of family, memorabilia, artistic creations, your latest craft project, pretty chinaware for those special afternoons with friends, and lots of plants and flowers to bring the place to life. Why lots of plants? Not only do they fit perfectly in your (green) oasis, but they also make you feel good by improving the air quality and brightening things up.

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They’re not just standing around looking beautiful - your plants are also working incredibly hard. Some species remove harmful substances from the air and carry them away through their roots. They emit oxygen and help maintain humidity in your home. In the category of natural air purifiers you can find the peace lilyGerberaNephrolepis and ivy. Take a deep breath. How do you feel now?

Hello greenery, bye bye blues

Plants offer a stunning appearance. They exist in innumerable combinations of green, have flowers or spikes, overwhelming veins or minimalist plain leaves. Large, small, hanging, shining with pride or with modest matt tones. And so there’s always one - or a whole group - that will make you happy. For a high smile content, maybe try the Polka dot begonia, the Ceropegia with idiosyncratic heart-shaped leaves, or a sturdy fig that instantly puts you in holiday mode. Hello greenery, bye bye blues.

So that will definitely give you a boost! If you need an extra green pick-me-up, get to work with bathroom plants for a ‘treat yourself’ moment and the best DIY craft projects involving plants.