Summer 2016: rebooting with Zamioculcas

Powerful shapes provide energy and calm

Traditional boundaries have long been fading. Nowadays we work at home a lot, Sunday as a day of rest is becoming a rarity, we are increasingly do our shopping online, and things like ‘big data’ are so overwhelming that we’re all craving some stability. Reconsider Space is a style trend that provides beacons of peace in the form of houseplants, which have such an emphatic presence that they unavoidably attract your attention and help you to focus amidst the confusion of daily life. 

Zamioculcas Summer 2016

Instant calm from such a strong feature 

The champion amongst these beacon plants is Zamioculcas. For starters, it’s the easiest plant ever so you’re not adding another source of stress. It’s also a plant that looks very odd, as if it’s come straight out of a Matisse painting. While it has cool smooth stems with sturdy leaves that look like feathers, it’s actually more like an amazing geometric succulent -and it’s that distinctive appearance that matters here.

Clearly defined leaf shapes 

You can reinforce Zamioculcas’s powerful effect by combining the houseplant with other visual elements, such as the angles of staircase, the lines of a metal basket or a spherical pot. Even in a container with a crumpled hexagon, a busy tiled pattern or a pot with trapezium surfaces, Zamioculcas’s clearly defined leaves stand out. This creates a spatial effect that looks very modern and fits the current zeitgeist, but also offers the calm and focus you need in order to reboot from time to time. The perfect reason for bringing this green focal point into your home straightaway!