5 ways to get to work with plants

Because it’s so relaxing working with your hands, particularly when it involves plants. Or maybe because your home decor could do with a boost. Add to that the fact that it starts getting dark earlier, and it’s clear that autumn is the ideal DIY crafting season. So we’ve selected our best ‘autumn with plants’ DIY projects for you.

5x DIY autumn

Dreaming about greenery

Whether you need 8 hours or 12 hours in bed, everyone enjoys a good night’s rest. Avoid nightmares and bring peace to your bedroom with this romantic green dreamcatcher.

Natural works of art

While tidying up the garden you’re bound to have collected some ‘plant waste’. A stroll round the house can also produce a handful of fronds that are pointing the wrong way, flowers that have snapped and overenthusiastic growth that needs pruning. Turn them into attractive, airy works of art.

Plant post!

The season for staying indoors gives you time and space to do the things you didn’t get around to during the summer. Like writing to your penpal, or declaring your love to the cutie down the road. But on botanical writing paper, obviously.

Coat hooks from the garden

Even the sturdiest tree can lose some branches in a fierce autumn storm. Celebrate the tree by reusing the branches! By making these coat hooks with a story, for example. Pop your coat on and go outdoors to find a sturdy branch with some sidebranches. Your scarf and winter coat will soon be hanging on the hooks.

Check out the Coat hooks from the garden DIY.

If your craft project has been a success and your latest DIY product is on proud display in your home, we’d love to see it on Instagram with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.