September plant ideas for your front garden

Make your street beautiful with seasonal colours

Give your front garden a seasonal update with flowering plants in designer pots, filled with the red-gold colours of autumn. Add a cosy seat (and blanket) so that you can relax and soak up the last of the year's sunrays at the end of the day.

September plant ideas for your front garden -

Your outdoor space

Even those of us without front gardens can add some greenery to our exteriors. Planning a few plants for the street together with neighbours is a brilliant way to create a feeling of community that lasts beyond the occasional summer barbecue. The best planting scheme for the front of your house consists of some seasonal plants in the red-gold colours of an Indian summer, plus attractive outside lights. Add a seat or two, so that you and your neighbours can sit and exchange news at the end of the day.

Plant parade

There's a lot more space at the front of our houses than we think. Fill tubs and planters with popular autumn shrubs, and create height differences by alternating large plants with small, or placing them on stools or supports. For example, you can double your outdoor space with a large wooden bench if you place pots both on top and underneath.

How do you extend summer into autumn? We are curious to see how you decorate the front of your house with plants. Share your photo on Instagram with #thejoyofplants, so we can admire it.