Read and feast your eyes: Boys with plants

You've never seen a coffee table book like it

Scott Cain’s Instagram account Boys with Plants is an account full of regrams of - you'd never guess – men (sometimes scantily clad) and their plants. With over 139,000 followers it’s no surprise that there is now also a Boys with Plants book. Hallelujah!

Boys with Plants Boys with Plants

Boys with Plants: 50 Boys and the Plants They Love

Scott Cain has selected 50 interesting, smart, intriguing and - as it happens - also handsome male plant lovers from around the world. Alongside a portrait of their green oasis, the men also share their best plant tips, so you’re sure to learn something as well. The book is intended as a field guide and source of inspiration, and will ensure that more people give plants a place in their home. And obviously we’re all in favour of that!


Men on the coffee table

Have we whetted your curiosity about this perfect green coffee table book? You can order Boys with Plants: 50 Boys and the Plants They Love here