Rainy day craft projects

6 fun DIYs to do with plants

When it's cold and wet outside, it's the perfect occasion to take out your box of arts and crafts and make a start on some projects. We love DIYs because it’s relaxing to make things by hand, particularly when plants are involved. It also results in fun objects decorated with plants, that look lovely around our homes. Here are our five favourite wet weather DIY projects to get you started.

Rainy day craft projects Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Draped about with greenery

Everyone feels more peaceful with plants around them, doubly so when the air is filled with the fragrance of fresh cut leaves. Bring peace to your bedroom or living room and make this romantic green wall hanging.

Natural wall hangings

When tidying up the garden, it's common to come away with handfuls of cuttings from straying plants. A quick glance around the house can also reveal fronds pointing the wrong way, bent or snapped flowers and overenthusiastic growth in need of a trim. Turn these spare bits of plant into light, attractive works of art.

Plant post

Shorter days and longer evening give us the time and space to do the things we didn’t get around to during the summer, like writing to grandparents, or penning a letter to friends. Home-made botanical writing paper is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to any messages you have to send.

Garden hooks

Even the sturdiest oak will lose some of its branches in the season's fierce autumn storms. Show your respect to the trees in the garden, park or local wood by reusing their branches in an upcycle project. We suggest making these wooden coat hooks with a unique story of origin. Pop your coat on and head outdoors to find a useful, sturdy branch to hang your hat from.

Kitchen magic

For those of us who enjoy cooking up a storm in the kitchen, having an array of herbs close by makes all the difference. Make it easier to create delicious recipes with our DIY fragrant herb rack. You'll have bunches of fresh and drying herbs close at hand, ready to add a pinch of flavour to whatever meal is on the menu next.

If your crafting has been a success and your latest DIY project is proudly on display in your home, we’d love you to share it with us on Instagram using the hashtag #thejoyofplants.