Plants that reduce stress

Banish the symptoms of burnout with these plants
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Stress, worry and a plate piled high with deadlines are no fun. A sustained period of stress also has negative effects on our physical and mental health. So stay away from the slippery slope that leads to burnout — with the help of plants, of course.

Plants that reduce stress

Good for your health

You'll already have heard of the positive effect plants have on your physical health. They keep the air around you fresh and cool, by humidifying the environment with their large, green leaves. As if that isn't enough, plants are also hugely beneficial to our mental health.

Less stress with plants

Various studies have shown that people in the vicinity of living plants are less stressed-out than people in a plant-free environment. Charlotte Lelieveld from Wageningen Environmental Research in the Netherlands says: “Plants make our urban environment look more attractive, which has a positive effect on stress reduction.” The same applies to our homes.

Research by Lohr et al (1996) revealed that people in a room full of plants had lower blood pressure than people in a plant-free setting. Some plants like jasmine and lavender also spread a soothing fragrance, making it even easier to relax.

Calming focal points

Alongside their attractive appearance, plants also help you feel at one with nature. Snake plants, calathea and monstera are always there for you, as living green focal points of calm in a world that’s moving ever faster. Unlike people, they don’t get upset about the issues of the day. They just steadfastly carry on doing what they're good at. Give your green friends a splash of water to say thank you for all they do, then make yourself a herbal tea and enjoy the peace and quiet together. What could also help you relax more is repotting plants, watering them or removing dead leaves to increase your contact with nature. A stillness takes place, so that you also make a connection with your own baseline, helping you to note your emotions, desires, instincts and needs.


This kind of pause in life is what ensures that you can listen to what you really want. It removes expectations and helps you to focus less on material things, showing your true self. A little woo woo? Perhaps, but being able to feel what's going on inside you ensures that you make decisions that are good for you. And that is one of the healthiest things of all. 


So take a moment today to check in with your green guests. Give them water and some food. Remove dead leaves and faded flowers. Take the dust off of leaves and watch the shine return to the greenery. With your plant, but also with yourself. Thank you, plant!