Plants to get your front door autumn-ready

All set for the season with plant pots and a wreath

You've swapped your summer wardrobe for mustard sweaters, a trench coat and rugged boots, and replaced fruity summer salads with hot pumpkin soup and roasted chestnuts. Picnics with friends in the park are slowly but surely making way for curling up under a blanket with a cup of tea. Autumn is truly upon us. To reflect the change in temperature and make your home feel cosy and welcoming, give your front doorway the seasonal makeover it deserves. Decorate it with autumn bloomers in designer pots, hang a modern decorative wreath on the door, and string up fairy lights to illuminate everything. Hello autumn, it's good to see you again.

Change of Season

Your outdoor space

We don’t all have a large garden, but it is likely that you have a tidy front door that opens onto the street. Go shopping alone, with your partner or housemates, or even with neighbours, and source an attractive autumn display for the outside door. A couple of seasonal flowering plants and atmospheric outdoor lights can create a lovely welcome.

Be inspired by the season

You can find space in the front of your house for a lot more than you might have thought. Alternate trend colours with classics, and create eyecatching height differences by arranging large and small plants on a picturesque wooden bench.

Pick of the plants

The pot plants in the picture are all ideal candidates for autumn. They retain their colour and foliage and have a contemporary, seasonal look. Will you opt for our pick of the seasonal plants, or will you come up with your own mix? We've listed the plants in the photo to help you get started.

Left of the door:

Small low old rose copper bowl filled with alumroot (Heuchera ‘Melting fire’), low petrol blue ceramic bowl filled with Daboucia Cantabrica, terracotta pot filled with Chinese fountain grass (Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’), grey concrete-look pot filled with shrubby veronica (Hebe ‘Hebedonna Alexa’).

Right of the door on the black bench:

Large petrol blue ceramic pot filled with Chinese silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Kleine Silberspinne’), small aubergine bowl filled with stonecrop (Sedum (yellow flowers)), terracotta pot filled with shrubby veronica (Hebe ‘Tricolour’), old rose copper bowl on fur filled with alumroot (Heuchera ‘Indian Summer Boysenberry’).

Right of the door in front of the bench:

Copper bucket filled with ling heather (Calluna mix), white ceramic pot filled with shrubby veronica (Hebe Alexa), low concrete bowl filled with stonecrop (Sedum mix).