Plant Plus: plants with superpowers

Very much the green heroes

We love to make lists for you. We have made lists of air purifying plants, plants with special names, and we can’t miss these ones out: plants with superpowers! All plants naturally have super powers, but hey, these ones can capture electric waves, save your marriage and heal your skin. And that is no easy matter!


1. Peruvian apple cactus

With more appliances such as TVs, microwaves, computers and telephones in our homes, radiation levels are increasing. Here's the ultimate saviour: The Peruvian apple cactus! This sturdy spikey plant can absorb and reduce electromagnetic waves. A green hero. 

2. Bromeliad Pineapple Champaca

This pineapple plant can save marriages. Well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but still. It is called an anti-snoring plant, because it could help to stop snoring. The special thing about this plant is that it releases oxygen at night instead of during the day. That makes it the perfect roomie for the bedroom.

3. Aloe Vera

Lip balm, hand cream ... you have probably used a beauty product that contains aloe vera. A beautiful succulent with medicinal effects. Used as for medicinal purposes for healing wounds and skin disorders, among other things. The leaves, which contain the healing substances, can also help with burns. And did you know about the 5 remarkable properties of the Aloe Vera?

And because it's packed with vitamins and minerals, you see it increasingly in healthy juices and drinks. Aloha, Aloe! But a quick word of advice: do not experiment with the houseplant at home and/or consume it, because the aloe houseplant is not suitable for that. 

Thanks, plant.