Let plants bring out the best in your interiors

Anyone who thinks plant design only works in big, open spaces is mistaken. It's even easier to design smaller spaces to accommodate abundant planting. Nooks and crannies are ideal spots for creating a green hideaway, where just a few plants together will create a full jungle effect. Why not inject some plant design into the smaller rooms in your house? Here are some ideas.

On the shelf

A lack of space shouldn’t be a cause for stress, and there’s no need to panic if there’s no room on the floor. Plants are perfectly happy living the high life, and shelves mean you can fill up your home with greenery without using up your valuable living space. They’re particularly good for hanging plants, like the Lipstick plant, Ceropegia and Rhipsalis, since it gives them room to flourish. Find pots that will accentuate the plants’ colours and shapes, then fill in the gaps with succulents, ficuses and cacti. Then choose shelving that shows off the arrangement perfectly, making use use of height differences, and letting different plants shine on each level. Look for special plant racks, industrial cabinets, rack shelving or individual wall shelves — all will work magnificently.

Not a wallflower

A more minimalist option is hanging a single vertical planter in a prominent spot on the wall. Fill the planter with an arrangement of favourite plants to create a fabulous statement piece that becomes the focus point of the room. You can also match the colour of the wall to your planting. A contrasting colour would attract attention, a green shade that's colour-matched with the plant would be subtly beautiful, and a white backdrop would create a classic effect.

Take a look around the smaller rooms in your house. Is there an opportunity in the hallway to add planting? Think of the calming and welcoming psychological effects you’d like to conjure in this spaces, and plant design appropriately. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around to prioritise the plants — after all, it's plants that will provide the biggest impact in a room. Remember, plants do not need to sit on the floor. They can enhance any piece of furniture, sideboard or ledge.

Let it all hang out

If you want to tackle your bathroom, then why not aim high and construct an apparatus for hanging your plants from the ceiling. The room will instantly feel different with a green oasis overhead. Hanging ficus, string-of-pearls and ivy are perfect for this arrangement.

Be a plant designer

Whatever your desired effect, you have the opportunity here to give your creativity free rein. Decide how you want to show off your plants, and look for suitable materials. It can be anything, from wire and string to a clothes rack or step ladder. Your plants will be grateful to you for such a nice spot, and both you and your guests will enjoy the relaxing effects of your small green spaces. One last thing — you don’t need to worry about rules. After all, you’re the designer.