Nothing but benefits: plants in the workplace

Stay fresh and fit at the office

We cannot stress it enough: plants are your best co-workers. They’re good for your (mental) health, your creativity, and peace in the office. Here are the cheerful and scientific facts.

Less stress on the workfloor

Better air quality and humidity

The air quality in modern office buildings is often less than ideal. The printer, the copier and the air-conditioning all emit invisible harmful substances. Low humidity also contributes to poor air quality. Particularly in winter, as a result of freezing cold air and central heating. This can result in headaches and fatigue, and cause irritation to eyes, mucous membranes and airways. But here come the saviours! Plants purify the air through the tiny ‘mouths’ in their leaves, bacteria in the soil and the roots. They then convert the bad substances into nutrients for themselves, and releases oxygen for you and moisture for the air. Which has even been proven by NASA.

More peace and creativity

Scientific research by NCMBI shows that active interaction with houseplants can reduce stress (compared to a mental computer task). The nervous system and blood pressure are calmed, and comfortable and natural feelings are strengthened. So it’s a good idea to include a plant break from time to time, particularly if you have a desk job. Your creativity is also improved by having just one plant on your desk. Researchers at TNO (2007) believe that this is due to the healing and calming effect plants have. That gives you more headspace for creative ideas. So it’s “proved by science” - a good argument for persuading your boss!

Less noise and stress

Chattering printers, ringing phones, laughing colleagues: the joys of the open plan office. But with the right plants in the right place you can still concentrate, because plants help reduce noise levels. They catch soundwaves with their leaves, reflecting them or scattering them. Place your plants in the corner for the best effect - or a few in a group is even better.* This is one of the reasons why plants are known as stress reducers. So take your plants into the office. They’ll win Employee of the Year in no time.

* Based on research by South Bank University in London.