From a mess of sticks to a bundle of twigs

Beautiful for hanging up or giving away

Just like spring, autumn requires some tidying up. Get everything out of the way in order to be able to cocoon comfortably, at home or in your den. The garden is pruned, the shed is tidied and the living room is checked for unnecessary bits and bobs. This creates space for outdoor plants that want to shelter indoors and a bundle of twigs tied together in fabulous fashion for decoration.

From a mess of sticks to a bundle of twigs -

Don't throw it away!

There are always a few branches that rebel and point in the wrong direction. Flowers that bend and no longer fit with the rest of the gang. Dried leaves and stems that are too pretty to throw away…Don't throw them away! Tie them into a bundle with some nice (sisal) string, a fun clip or a big clothes peg. 

For hanging up or giving away

Hang the bundle of twigs upside down from a rack or door jamb for an attractive artwork. Unexpected visitors? The bundle of twigs is a great gift for a grandma, parent, girlfriend or the neighbour that turns up unexpectedly on your doorstep. 

Styling tip

Hang the plant bundle from a black frame or ladder, and combine it with some nice plant prints or embroideries. And some choice plants, of course. We opted for wax plant, succulent and yucca.