How to create your own green home office

For more productivity and creativity

Since working from home is here to stay, you'd better make your home office a nice place to work. Plants are an important part of this. They are good for your mental health, boost your creativity and provide more peace in your workplace. Reason enough to create your own green home office!

Voor meer productiviteit en creativiteit

The positive effects of greenery

Active interaction with houseplants can reduce stress. This was shown in scientific research by NCMBI. The nervous system and blood pressure are calmed and comforted, and natural positive feelings are enhanced. In addition, your creativity increases, even with just one plant on your desk. Researchers from TNO (2007) think that this is caused by the healing and calming effect of plants. This gives you more space in your head for creative ideas.

Reconnecting with nature

Biophilic designer Alexander Bond is involved in the daily greening of buildings, both on the inside and the outside. In his masterclass, he explains that by giving plants the leading role in a space, you create an environment that is much more in line with what you really need, rather than what you think you do. Like feeling welcome: plants contribute to that, stuff does not. "It has a huge impact on what we think of the space around us, but also on how we feel about ourselves."

Creating a green home office

Houseplants are much more than cosiness and home decoration. Don't be frugal with the number of plants in your green home office. After all, plants also help to muffle environmental noise. No more noisy neighbours or other environmental noises during a video call!

Is your home office too small for lots of plants? Take to the ceiling! There is always space above your workstation, so it's a shame not to make use of it. For example, attach a rack to the wall where you can hang plant pots. You can also place plants on your desk, but also on a shelf, on top of a cupboard, in a plant hanger on the ceiling and in a large pot on the floor. The possibilities for a green home office are endless.


We also started our own green home office, using the following plants. The cyperus alternifolius and the diefenbachia provide extra fresh air. But the nephrolepsis, caladium hybrid and rhipsalis should not be missed either. With tillandsia 'Samantha' we have added some exotic personality. The monstera deliciosa, anthurium hybrid, ctenanthe burle - marxii, tillandsia usneoides and tillandsia cyanoides are certainly not to be missed. To make it complete, we have also added the hydrangea hybrid, hedera helix, ficus lyrata, begonia rex hybrid and green inspiration. 


For even more inspiration, we went looking for the most beautiful green home offices around the world:





 mThe possibilities are endless and you can design your green home office exactly as you want it. We especially want to encourage you to use lots of green, because you already know the benefits. 

We'd love to see what your green home office looks like. Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #thejoyofplants and #thanksplants. Need more inspiration for your home or workplace? Find out how to turn your garden into an outdoor office, how to create a plant wall for video calls, or the benefits of plants in the workplace.