How to brighten up your home office with

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The home office is here to stay, and that's good news! It's nice to start your day in your pyjamas, with a fridge full of delicious snacks that won't be stolen by hungry colleagues, no grumpy faces in the morning rush hour and unabashedly watching your favourite series during your lunch break. Working from home has many advantages, but it can sometimes feel a bit uninspiring. And you can solve that by brightening up your workplace! This not only increases productivity, but also the fun. To help you get started, has a great promotion. Buy a plant and you get a free pot. Thanks, plants!

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A plant pot as a gift

From 4 to 31 October, there is a wonderful promotion in collaboration with the shop Buy an anthurium and/or bromelia and receive an Elho pot as a gift. Why the Anthurium and Bromelia? Read on to find out!

Anthurium: exotic show-stopper

You can recognise the colourful bracts of the Anthurium out of a crowd of thousands. This plant transforms your desk from a dull home office into a workplace in the jungle. And that's not all - Anthurium is also a plant that purifies the air. The big question is, do you go for red, pink, purple, yellow, white or green?

Bromelia: flamboyant eye-catcher

The vertical flamboyant bracts of Bromelia emerge from fan-shaped green leaves. Expect an instant wow-factor during the first impression! This houseplant stands for protection and helps you through the working day. Like the colleagues you might miss when you're WFH, it will remind you to take regular breaks and to eat a delicious lunch. 

Can't you wait to green your workplace with the help of plants? Then go to and throw an Anthurium and/or Bromelia into your shopping basket. Thanks, plants!