A healthy environment in the playroom

Plants replace unhealthy substances with oxygen

Peace, cleanliness and routine: the perfect recipe for raising a healthy child. Did you know, though, that a healthy environment in the playroom can also make a difference? With plants, it's very easy to achieve!

Plants replace unhealthy substances with oxygen -Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Healthy air cannot be taken for granted

When you think of a playroom, you imagine toys on the floor, colourful art projects on the wall, and furniture that can take a knock. They make a playroom a lovely safe space where kids can learn to discover the world. What you cannot see are tiny pollutants in the air — and no, we're not scaremongering.

Something in the air

Formaldehyde in particular is a very common substance. It’s emitted by new furniture and floors, curtain fabric, some types of paint and wallpaper glue. All the things that make the playroom so cosy and bright. Trying to wash them away won’t work: disinfectant cleaning products contain this invisible gas, and vacuum cleaners also emit particulates. Help — indoor pollution! Of course we're talking tiny quantities, there’s no need to panic, but too much of these substances can be unhealthy all the same.

Plants - our saviour

Now for the good news: plants help remove these substances from the air and then convert them to clean oxygen. Obviously ventilation is also important, but it's not always possible when the temperature is very hot or cold. Plants are champions at removing particulates throught their leaves, and humidifying their environment, so furnish the playroom with these botanical superheroes. With a tree-like palm, a surprising peace lily, clambering Scindapsus, exciting leaf-bearing Monstera*, flowering gerberas or the generous spider plant, your kids are guaranteed to enjoy a lot cleaner air.

Natural temperature controllers

We almost forgot to mention — as well as being air purifiers, plants are also your most sustainable temperature controllers. Common advice is to keep temperature in a nursery around 18 degrees Celsius. Tricky? Leave it to the plants: they have a natural cooling effect. What brilliant multitaskers.

Let your children discover plants

Are you a fan of greenery? Want to pass it on to your kids? We'd love to give you some tips which you can use to help your child to learn all about the healthy benefits of plants through play.

* Be careful: although these plants purify the air, they’re not suitable for human consumption. With very small children consider whether to place a Spathiphyllum or Monstera in their room, or whether you should opt for one of the other recommended plants.