Have you ever considered a plant bouquet?

The alternative to the Christmas tree or the festive arrangement

You may have noticed that Christmas is all about plants: a Christmas tree, festive arrangements, the mistletoe over the door and holly-filled wreathes. But if you fancy having something a bit different in your home, we’ve come up with something very special for you: the extravagant plant bouquet.

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Be inspired by art

You’ve almost certainly seen floral arrangements that remind you of old Dutch masters. Well you can do the same with plants. It's a combination of different plant structures, differences in depth and height, colours, lighting and a pinch of daring.

List of ingredients

Obviously we’re not going to send you to your local florist or garden centre blind. For our spectacular plant bouquet we've given medinilla the starring role. This flowering houseplant steals the show with pink flowers which tumble over the edge of the platform. Orchids in various colours and shapes proudly loom over the top and lend a rich colour palette to the display. Bromeliad does its own thing in the middle layer. Deep colours in dangerous-looking spiky bracts.

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