Happy bees - lend them a helping hand

Bees love these plants

Bees are struggling, and suffering ever declining numbers. You may not have noticed, but it’s a worrying development, since bees play an important role in nature. Will you lend them a helping hand?

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Plant a plant with appeal

There are virtually no wild bee populations left in Europe, because of a parasite which bees are not resistant to. Planting flowering plants in your garden or on your balcony allows the bees to carry on doing what they good at: pollinating flowers. These plants attract these hard-working stripy insects to your patio (and butterflies as well, as a bonus):

Butterfly bush (Buddleja): an attractive, fast grower that butterflies also adore.

Aster: a beautiful bloomer which also provides a tasty meal for bees in the autumn.

Sage: a lively border plant that needs space and attention from various insects.

Lavender: brings calming scents to your terrace, and bees love it too.

Lantana: easy garden flower that blossoms until October.

Sunflower: universally known and a must-have, especially for bees.

Fruit trees: bees get a real buzz from their blossoms- and who can blame them?

Flowers, bees, pollination

It’s not just plants, but also fruit and vegetable species that rely on bees to provide their pollination. If bees become extinct, that will be a disaster for the ecosystem and the food supply. So fill your garden with plants with bee appeal.

Remember to also make sure you use pesticides that are safe for bees in your own garden to help them along. If the pollen they take back to their hives are poisoned, the entire nest will suffer. Lets all be kind to our gardens!