Green initiatives where you are

Will you take part?

We love nothing more than to inspire you with our articles, DIYs and styling tips to help you make your life more green, but there are also initiatives in the UK that are encouraging a similar thing. What's going on in your town or city to encourage a greener environment and living space?

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In London, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy is working on promoting the concept of making streets that are more pleasant to walk and cycle on, reducing exposure to poor quality air and creating streets that are designed for people over vehicles. 


With an increase in recent years of heavy rainfall and flash flooding, it's important to find solutions that help to redirect rainwater from the streets to the waterways where it belongs. This London initiative, which is also called Grey to Green, is designed to help and support and advise communities who want to run their own depaving projects. 


In 2008, a London report was released on living roofs and walls. These are walls and roofs which are covered in plants and grasses, and they're an essential component of making a densely packed city greener. Green walls and roofs can also provide a habitat for wildlife and help to store stornwater as well as increasing the amount of greenery in our everyday lives. This report increased the installation of green walls and green roofs throughout London, especially in areas of central London which have historically struggled with creating green spaces. A report on the same subject, released 10 years later, highlight the success of the initiative as well as signposting great examples of the trend. 

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