Extend that holiday feeling with plants

How to avoid the post-holiday dip

That was fun. No work, no alarm clock, no commute, no meetings and no deadlines. You should take a summer holiday more often. Or at least extend that relaxed holiday feeling. With plants, naturally!

How to avoid the post-holiday dip with plants  -Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Post-holiday dip

Obviously the first working day after a holiday takes some acclimatising. But watch out for that very real dip! One that lasts a bit longer, and really throws your equilibrium off. Trying to hang on to that relaxed feeling, including in your daily life. As well as shedding a lot of ‘musts’, you probably also spent a lot of your holiday outdoors. The scent of pine trees on the campsite, the (exotic) plants alongside the forest path, the iced tea with mint beside your sun lounger. It all made you more relaxed.

Bring relaxation into your home

With green buddies around you, you can also make a connection with nature in your home - and so a connection with relaxation. You can do that throughout the house, but for the ultimate relaxation you should green up your bathroom. With ferns, Calatheas, Rhipsalis, a Ficus lyrata, a Kentia palm and a tropical Strelitzia. That way you can literally immerse yourself in nature.

With herbs, naturally

To make your green bathroom experience even more complete, add slices of citrus to the bathwater. Or make a  botanical room spray with your choice of herbs like rosemary and lavender, or lemon. Then you can walk back into the office feeling refreshed, invigorated and relaxed.