Elegant haute couture with long tendrils

A catwalk bursting with hanging plants

Hanging plants were a major source of inspiration for the Paris collections. Every designer had some trace of one of these beauties in their work. A fashion bouquet bursting with flowers, leaves and long vines was created for a classy fairytale mood

Hanging plants Thejoyofplants.co.uk Elegant haute coutureCopyright: Vogue

Tillandsia as train

Silver-grey, graduated, gorgeous! Tillandsia’s grey curls were heavily represented in Guo Pei’s long trains. The most beautiful dresses also featured the changeant effect that is currently so hot and that we’re seeing everywhere, including in pots and plants.

Embroidered Tradescantia

Tradescantia’s long tumbling tendrils spread beautifully across this design by Zuhair Murad. It will do the same in your home and also help to purify the air; what a handsome multi-tasker!

Rhipsalis for Givenchy

Rhipsalis’ fantastic long green stems can be seen in this design by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. With a little imagination you can picture the shiny elements as the flowers of this flowering hanging plant. 

Haute Aeschynanthus 

Julien Fournie drew inspiration from the flowers of Aeschynanthus .This dress features the distinctive combination of dark red and purple, combined with the attractively extravagant hanging branches. The plant likes to hang around your home, but also looks excellent in a tall pot.