Dress your Christmas tree with plants

Green, greener, greenest!

If you fancy giving your Christmas tree a totally different look or are suffering a serious lack of baubles, dress your tree with plants this year. Yes, that’s right: plants!

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Green+ green = brilliant

It might look like an odd duplication at first glance. But when you see the end result, you will understand why dressing your Christmas tree with plants is not such a mad idea. Think of the various textures and colours as natural ornaments. Combined with sparkling lights and red baubles it’s a match made in heaven... or rather in nature!

Get to work

At the garden centre choose some fabulous plants that you want to hang in the tree. Water them beforehand so that they don’t wither. Use hooks to hang them in the tree. Note: plants weigh more than normal baubles, so hang them closer to the trunk.

Also take a look at the version where we decorate the Christmas tree with flowers!